Wireman 40Amp. 2Pole 230/400V Isolator

Wireman 40Amp. 2Pole 230/400V ISOLATOR

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Some key features and functions of Wireman 40Amp. 2Pole 230/400V Isolator electrical isolators,

Isolator allows for the safe disconnection of a circuit or equipment from the power source, cutting off the electrical flow. This is crucial during maintenance, repair, or inspection work to ensure the safety of personnel and prevent electrical hazards.

The Wireman 40Amp. 2Pole 230/400V Isolator physically separates the circuit or equipment from the power supply, creating an open circuit condition. This isolation helps protect workers from electric shock and provides a means to visually verify that the circuit is de-energized.

Electrical isolators are designed to handle specific voltage and current ratings according to the requirements of the electrical system. They should be selected and installed based on the intended load and electrical characteristics of the circuit or equipment being isolated.

It’s important to note that electrical isolators should not be used for regular switching operations, such as turning equipment on or off. They are primarily used for isolation purposes during maintenance, repair, or emergency situations.

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