About Us

Elecshop is one of the largest e-commerce platform which facilitates the distribution of electrical, communications and data networking products serving all the regions within the country. Our wide spread products are provided to commercial and residential electrical contractors, utility companies, industrial facilities, institutions, and low voltage installers. We have partnered with number of reputable brands to ensure our customer base that anything they purchase from us will be proven, reliable, and top quality.

What we really do?

Making our customers’ lives easier is the prime job of ours, hence we commit ourselves to understand and satisfy their needs Elecshop has partnered with premier manufacturers to assure best quality products and solutions are sourced. Wide range of industries are offered with extensive products which are included with electrical, communication, MRO, and OEM products.

Our Vision

Elecshop is an an independent, family-owned e-commerce platform. It has maintained a leadership position in the electrical platforms of the country by consistently meeting its responsibilities and commitments to its customers, manufacturers and employees. Our long term, profitable and sustainable growth is driven by lasting loyalty from our customers, building strong partnerships with best suppliers and manufacturers and empowering our skilled employee base to excel in meeting both their internal and external customers expectations.

History of Beginning

The company established its presence in the industries of electrical and electronics since 2018. That was with the setting up of supplying of CCTV equipment and selling of electronic items via Robo.lk platform. With the expertise obtained by operating both the businesses, at present the company has been able to develop one of the largest e-commerce platform which facilitates the distribution of electrical, communications and data networking products serving all the regions within the country.


We assure Elecshop customers are offered with the products represented by the top manufacturers in the electrical industry who stand by the performance of their products and are dedicated to providing product innovations that meet the changing requirements of the industry. We rely heavily on the quality products and exceptional services because these are exactly what our customers expect from us.


We are enthusiastic about the products which are offered to our customers. Thus we try to seize every opportunity to ensure that our company thrives and survives. In order to provide customers with an exceptional service, we strive to continuously innovate and make improvements whenever necessary.


We believe that people are the key to our business growth, as they reach both the customers and suppliers. We empower our co-workers, and make them proud to represent Elecshop.


We have combined acute awareness of the local community’s needs with the resources of Elecshop to assure customers are offered with a consistently high level of service. We provide strong customer engagement through our advanced technical support.

What can we do for you ?

We consider every customer need as essential. Each customer contact is regarded as an opportunity to create sustainable business relationships. Thus our support is provided via phone, email and chat 24/7.

We strive to provide best quality products to create a loyal customer base.

We have liaised with the best courier companies in the country to deliver the products to your doorstep within any region of the country .

We provide assistance to customers via a more responsive online support to meet high customer expectations. We aspire every customer in their online purchasing decisions.

We value convenience of customers by ensuring availability of every product in our ecommerce platform.