Dimmer Kevilton Teak


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The key specifications of Dimmer Kevilton Teak are as follows,

General Data

Warranty Lifetime

Technical data

Key Features Front plate is covered with wooden finishing formica layer
The inner plate and back housing made from polycarbonate is of high impact strength and has fire retardant properties
Consumes less energy when dimmed
Flexible light control
Can install a number of lampsup to a maximum capacity of 400W
Light intensity can be adjusted to a desired level
Alignment tolerance of mounting screw holes

Power Supply

Rated Voltage 220V AC
Rated Power 400W


Steel Plate Size (H*W) 86mm x 86mm
Front Frame Size (H*W) 86mm x 86mm
Terminal Space Capacity 1 x 1.5mm2
Depth 22mm
Mounting Centers 60.3mm
Compatible Sunk Box Standard Sunk Box (Depth – 35mm)

Performance Parameters

Electrical Endurance 4000 cycles

Material Overview

Plastic Polycarbonate
Metal Brass, Insulated steel plate
Product Category Teak Finishing

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