Orange Electric includes a wide selection of low voltage switches and extension sockets. Orange Electric switches and sockets from Enigma Gunmetal deliver outstanding quality, security, and versatility; bringing peace of mind to the connections that power your life. The innovative, modern range of Orange Electric switches and sockets meets all the requirements for home automation. The range of products is available in an array of different designs, so they’ll suit any environment. There’s also an unique range of Orange Electric’s switch covers at a great price that will protect your wall switch from the elements. These switch covers are used by contractors, homeowners, and electricians to keep dust, dirt, and moisture out of electrical outlets.

Electrical Switches from Enigma Gunmetal range form Single Pole Switches, Double Pole Switches, Two-Way/Intermediate Switches and Bell Push Switches.

Electrical Sockets keep you charged up, quite literally nowadays with so many portable devices at our disposal. The socket is essential the conduit which allows electrical current flow into your electrical appliances and equipment.  Generally, we see 2-pin, 3-pin and 5-pin sockets in our homes and offices. The other thing that differentiates sockets is voltage capacity, i.e., the amount of current it can pass.

Electrical Modules serve specific purposes for lighting and cooling solutions in home and office. Enigma Gunmetal Electrical Modules range form Dimmers, Fan Regulators and Power Units.

A variety of data connectivity modules also form a part of the overall electrical setup. The Communication Modules available from Enigma Gunmetal range are Telephone Socket, Data Socket, USB Socket and TV Socket.

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